Good day to you and I hope this finds you well!  I created this blog space to share what God teaches me as a leader of worship.  Sometimes I am leading worship in a church and sometimes I am on a worship team.  Always, I am seeking to guide others into the presence of God through my actions and my musical gifts.  I may share a lesson God has taught me, or an area He is working in me.  Often that will be accompanied by a song I write, as that is how I express praise to Him and part of my learning process as I put words to it all.  Praying you are blessed beyond measure!


If you ever would like to use any of the songs I have written in your church, please feel free to contact me below.  I would love to share chord charts and lyrics with you.  Additionally, if you have songs to share that go with the topics I talk about, you can share them there with me also.  Blessings!