Advent Week 3 – Did the Rocks Cry Out?

Here is something I have always wondered.  As the time drew near for the Christ child to be born, was the earth holding it’s breath in anticipation?  Were the animals and the plants and all of creation aware that their Creator was about to join them in physical form?  Did the men on the earth at the time have an overwhelming sense of something big about to happen?  It would make sense wouldn’t it?

And what were heaven’s thoughts on the matter?  The angels sang to the shepherds to tell of the joyful good news of peace on earth.  Yet, they were losing a part of heaven, even if only for a time.  Did they feel a sense of loss and grief as He left their immediate presence?  Did they want to keep hold of Him and hover over Him extra close as He was born and grew upon the earth?

I think it is entirely possible that all heaven and earth were deeply moved by this most momentous of occasions; the birth of the Creator and Savior of the World.

I think even Satan recognized that heaven stood still for Christ.  When he was an adult, Jesus was taken by the Spirit to the wilderness to be tempted and Satan told Him to speak to the stones to become bread (Matthew 4:3).  Was even the devil well aware that those stone would be more than happy to be food for the Savior?

“I think it is entirely possible that all heaven and earth were deeply moved by this most momentous of occasions; the birth of the Creator and Savior of the World.”

Then, in the next verses, Satan told Jesus to throw Himself down from the temple, because He had been given charge over the angels (Matthew 4:5-7).  Again, did he know that the angels would be oh so pleased to come to the aid of the Christ?

Jesus too knew that creation longed for Him.  When he was riding into Jerusalem, the Pharisees told Jesus to rebuke His disciples to quiet the noise of their worship.  He responded by telling them that if these people worshiping Him loudly did indeed become quiet, the very stones beneath their feet would cry out in worship (Luke 19:37-40)!  How awesome is that!!

This third week in the Advent season, as you read the passages below, ponder on what it was like to be on earth at the time of Christ’s birth.  Think of what Jesus’ birth, life, and death mean to you today.  Consider how amazing His presence must be!  If we aren’t worshiping Him, the rocks will begin to cry out.

See the desire of God to fellowship with His created man and see that fellowship broken.  Genesis 3:8-11

See the words of the Psalmist offering worshipful shouts of joy.  Psalm 66:1-7

See how creations leads us into joyful worship.  Isaiah 55:12-13

See all of creation finally bowing to Him in the end.  Revelation 5:11-14

I pray this song takes wing in your heart now as you dwell on entering into the presence of your Savior.  Did the Rock Cry Out


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